Awesome little moments are happening every day, right in front of your eyes.

I think you should have photos of them.

I believe this wholeheartedly.

My aim is to create images that share with your family the wonder that lies in your everyday life.

We often assume that the magic in our lives resides in the big events. I believe that a remarkable beauty exists in the small moments; the way your baby looks at you,
the way your son’s hair sticks up in the morning,
or how your daughter ties her shoes.
And always, always, always the way you all love each other. These details are so precious.
They are unique to each family and they are constantly changing.

I believe that it’s important to stop, every so often,
and soak it all up.
My photographs aim to do this. They are a pause,
a mindful acknowledgment of your family in this moment.

This moment is part of a larger story.

I want you to see it. to hold it. To cherish it.
And I want your children to see it. To hold it. to cherish it. Because it is their story, too.

My sessions often take place at home because this is where most of our family life happens. If you have another meaningful location, I’m always open to your ideas.

I look forward to getting to know your family!

photo by Suzanne Gipson

Above is a photo of my family. They are my inspiration.

Their love drives me to continue seeking beauty in every day moments.

They’ve taught me that life is not about being perfect. It’s about loving and being loved.