The days are long, and the days are long, and the days are long…

But, wow, do they go by quickly. So for me, being present is very important. Some days, it’s just a matter of saying this day has been hard, and long, and I’ve cleaned up more food on the floor than I ever thought possible. Others, I try to take some time to just sit and watch my children. Observe them for who they are. And when I can do that, I can also see how beautiful everyday moments can be.

I love photographing these everyday moments for families. I love it because I know that by doing so we are honoring something special. We are honoring the mundane, the routine, the things that we do so often that it’s become a part of who we are as a family.  We are honoring the home as an important context to the story of our family life. We are acknowledging that brushing hair and the chaos of helping kids get dressed is as important to remember as the 4th birthday party.  Because it is these tiny day-to-day moments that we will be thinking of when we get all choked up watching our “not-at all-a-baby-anymore” child blow out her 4th birthday candles.

And with that… A small glimpse into a family session from last fall.