Being a parent has made me more aware of the passage of time than I have ever experienced before. I know how long I’ve been awake, I know how long the baby has slept (and not slept), I notice each new tooth (first with excitement and then with sleep deprived dread). Somedays I am moving quickly from task to task and others I am counting down the minutes until reinforcement arrives and I am temporarily relieved of my childcare duties.

I love photographing families at home. It’s so special to be a small part of these days. Because THESE ARE THE DAYS. The days that will string together and be the fabric of your baby’s childhood. In this case, I got to watch this sweet boy enjoy a bath in the sink with the love and adoration that only first time parents are able to give. I got to see the gentle support of a dad lying on the floor with his baby as he encourages him to do his best to get from point A to point B. I got to go with on the family evening walk to the park on a beautiful late spring day. I got to see a sweet baby notice the beautiful color of roses while his parents get to see roses anew and simultaneously take care that he doesn’t get poked by the thorns. It’s really amazing and it makes my heart so happy to create images that can feel so familiar in the moment, but will help families look back and relive the joys and to celebrate the how far they have all come as a family.

This session is the follow up to the newborn family session that precedes it. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed my time with this wonderful young family.
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