Anyone who’s experienced it knows what a life changing event having a child is. It’s incredible. Your heart expands in ways you never thought possible. And the moment you hold your baby for the first time you are a different person. From that day forward, you see the world differently. From that day forward, your family story begins.

I will never forget the newborn days at home with my first baby. Every moment of my day felt different. Everything had a twist to it. A new baby twist. Sometimes that twist made me smile and made my heart feel like it would explode with love and gratitude. And then sometimes that twist made me wonder if I would ever know restful sleep again. It’s such a time of loving, learning, connecting, and persevering.

I am so grateful I was able to share in a bit of baby Kai’s early days story. Seeing a new family together, learning how to life this new life, was so lovely to photograph.

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