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Mar 05, 2015

Weekend 9. My little miss turned 3! By the time I was up, the baking of her cake was in progress. She was given free reign over the leftover batter. It was the start of a pretty fantastic day.

The next day after the gifts had been opened and we had completed a craft project kit she received, I found her older sister, Mirah, using the leftover scraps to make something herself. I have such admiration for the freedom she feels in creating. It was a beautiful thing to witness, mess and all.

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Feb 26, 2015

Most every night my girls have a bowl of cereal before they go to bed. It’s become a nightly ritual. This day had been particularly busy, and as my husband and I sat on the couch in the living room across from them, I saw this. Them. And it calmed me.

Sometimes the best part of the day is taking a moment to acknowledge that you survived it.


Feb 18, 2015

Weekend 7.  I’ll admit it, I had a million other things I planned to do during her sister’s nap time, but instead I played Scrabble Jr. with her.  And clearly, that was the best choice.Lancaster-PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-1 Lancaster-PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-2 PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-1PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-3 PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-4 PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-5