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Mar 24, 2015

Weekend 12. Sunday morning beds.

One slept in. And sideways on her bed. The other one was up early. And left a shark in her place.

PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-3 PA-lifestyle-family-photographer-4

Mar 24, 2015

Weekend 11. The Baltimore Aquarium.

Being at the tail end of my pregnancy at this point, the most significant thing I can say about going to the Baltimore Aquarium is that “I did it!” And according to the Health app on my phone, I took over 6000 steps there.   So let’s just say for this mama, it was quite an accomplishment. The non-pg ones in the family had a particularly good time. The girls loved seeing the dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful fish. My youngest, however, was not a big fan of the dark quarters in which she viewed the sharks, snakes, and crocodiles. I don’t blame her.

Lancaster-PA-Lifestyle-Family-Photographer-1 Lancaster-PA-Lifestyle-Family-Photographer-2 Lancaster-PA-Lifestyle-Family-Photographer-3 Lancaster-PA-Lifestyle-Family-Photographer-4 Lancaster-PA-Lifestyle-Family-Photographer-5 Lancaster-PA-Lifestyle-Family-Photographer-6

Mar 24, 2015

Weekend 10. The stomach bug.

I’m behind on my weekly posts and it all started with this weekend. The weekend we all got sick. It was not pretty. Things were bleak around here. And because of that, I didn’t take many photos. I did take the image below, and seeing it now, it reminds me of the way this weekend felt- mostly dark, but on that Sunday morning with the slightest increase in energy, we felt the worst was behind us and that was hopeful.